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About Seeds

Seeds Collection is a brand founded in Barcelona the summer of 2017, under the name of SeaSeeds with a bikini capsule collection.


This project was created with the purpose of giving every girl the possibility to express themselves freely through our designs, made with fresh fabrics that give movement to the clothing, providing a continuous update of designs so you always find what you are looking for.



Behind the brand, we find Aurelia Homs, whose family has a long journey in the textile industry. This tradition has given her the sensibility for fashion and art.


It is our mission to design garments elaborated in an almost artisanal way,  that inspire you to enjoy all the unique aspects of life



We always beautifully design each garment breathing an always-evolving female wardrobe. Classic shapes, timeless touches and artfully crafted. Fluidity defines our silhouettes and we believe in timeless designs that can withstand the test of time.

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