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Seeds Atelier

Seeds Atelier is about braiding your ideas with our style so as to create that ideal piece for that special occasion.

There’s two ways to enjoy this experience:

100% Involved

In this case, you’ll be taking part in all the creative process till the end. Our main goal is to pull together reciprocal communication: you explain us your fashion references, your inspiration… and we work with those aspects in order to get the Seeds essence. Furthermore, we’ll constantly guide you throughout the designing phase (like choosing the fabrics and its colors and textures, the sewing patterns which fits you the best, the accessories you want to add…). Also, don’t forget to send us your body measurements!

Last details

This alternative is for those who fell in love with pieces already designed, which are available in our website and in all sizes. However, you also have a personalized service since you can modify any details you desire to change, such as fabrics, color, measurements, accessories… Below you can check and shop our final dresses:

DAV04963 copia.jpg

Whether the option you prefer, here are some aspects you must keep in mind:

  • It’s important that you take into account when you make the command, since the production phase will last around two weeks and then we will send it to the indicated address, which will vary depending on the location. We recommend you to make the order one or two months beforehand, just to prevent any sudden complications.


1st phase:

2/3 weeks

2nd phase:

2 weeks

3rd phase:

May vary

  • For those who live in Barcelona, where we are located in, you’ll be able to visit our office and be in the different parts of the process. We also take into consideration the drawbacks that affect our overseas clients. However, challenges are exciting for us, so we’ll put our heart and soul to make all the process as thrilling as possible.

We hope that this explanation didn’t make you feel pressured yet we believe this service is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a deeper experience before and during that special moment in your life. The bond between you and the final piece will be unrepeatable, and we will only be the nexus to make it happen. If you have questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask us on our mail.

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