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Our Values

Seeds Collection takes into account the following aspects in order to become a responsible brand:

  • All of our products are made in Barcelona, based on fair labor conditions and a handmade production.

  • Our fabrics are the remains of big fashion brands which manufacture in Spain. As an emerging brand, we decided to work with those materials, knowing the fact that if they weren’t bought they might be thrown away instantly.

  • Nowadays, we believe Fast fashion rules our mindset when it’s about buying clothes. This concept, based on following short-term trends, tends to trivialize the efforts behind producing a piece of clothing, as well as the value of the clothes. For that reason, our mission is to offer products with a timeless design so that our consumers feel identified constantly and the pieces can have a better lifespan.

  • Following the point before, our brand doesn’t work on mass production. Instead, we produce our products based on the demand we have during that period of time.  

The more we grow as a brand, the more actions we’ll take. As we said before, we are a very small brand that takes as many responsibilities as possible working with limited resources. However, we aren’t trying to make out duties shallow. We are fully aware what the fashion industry is about and we hope that in a near future, we can be committed to correcting our weakest points in order to grow not only as a better brand, but also as an active agent for change.  

They key of power is overcoming ignorance. For those who don’t know about the effects of the fashion industry, we let you some helpful sources:

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